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Theodore Williams Construction delivers high quality construction services with a distinctive mix of value, expertise and client-centered focus.

At Williams, we specialize in corporate interiors. We deliver high quality construction services with a client-centric focus on value, quality and integrity. Williams has been responsible for managing complex projects at landmark addresses for Fortune 500 Companies and other major clients. 90% of our new projects come from previous clients.

We deliver concentrated competency in all phases of construction and scheduling. At every stage of the project – from preconstruction evaluation, to value engineering, and comprehensive coordination of materials, skilled trades and project planning – our services consistently exceed client expectations. Williams fields a well-honed team and we’re especially proud of our high rates of continuity and retention of principals and construction professionals. We carefully select the clients and projects that are best suited for our broad capabilities.

Our skilled and highly experienced team oversees and supervises every phase of construction and project scheduling, resulting in a seamless flow of information and documentation. Our straightforward approach to service delivery has earned an impressive list of loyal clients who return time after time. Repeat business is the strongest measure of our clients’ satisfaction. Experience the Williams difference with your next construction project.

Philosophy of the Firm

Five Key Goals

1. To provide competitive prices to our clients without compromising quality.

2. To cater to our client’s needs, no matter how minute, and to be available at all times in providing superior service by our professional staff.

3. To explicitly follow the Architects’/Engineers’ instructions and plans to ensure the integrity of each project.

4. To maintain the highest standards in the industry and efficiently manage even the most intricate and complex projects.

5. Our overall philosophy in regard to construction management is to promote an open and fair bidding practice within the construction industry.

Technology Experts In:

  • Honest Buildings
  • Smartsheet
  • Newforma


When Shelby Johnson showed up for her first engineering class at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, her response is a pretty good way of explaining her success. “My first reaction was surprise. I was the only woman there. Back then, I had no clue that women didn’t do this.”

Today, her way of thinking hasn’t changed. Johnson is the 60 percent owner of Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC. She is one of a handful of successful women who occupy leadership roles in the construction industry, specializing in corporate interiors. There is one difference. Its reorganization, with Johnson as President and majority owner, made the new company eligible to receive Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certifications.

Johnson’s entry into the construction business is no surprise. Her father was an electrician, and her brother an electrical engineer. If this makes Johnson sound like the first woman who broke the gender barrier at places like The Citadel, that description isn’t too far off. When Johnson was applying to colleges, she applied there and received an application for admittance. The Citadel was completely unaware that Shelby was a woman and Shelby was completely unaware that it would be a problem. That attitude has stayed with her. “If I don’t expect there should be a problem doing something that hasn’t been done before, people respond to that, and there usually isn’t any.”

Theodore Williams Construction Company, Inc. from which the new company was formed, has served many of the Fortune 500 companies. Its list of customers includes major firms like Rudin Management Company, Inc., Sony, Blackstone and Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P.

Like its predecessor, the new Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC, is a full service provider of interior alterations, restoration and base building construction. Its range of services includes general contracting, construction management, pre-construction budgeting and value engineering. The new entity has kept its hands-on management approach that ensures that its clients are kept fully informed about their projects progress. That suits Johnson’s hands-on management style perfectly. As president, she will oversee the entire company and make sure the work gets done.

Ms. Johnson has been at Theodore Williams Construction Company, Inc. since 1991. Johnson, who started out in the plan room at Nico, was known for seeing to it that the work got done. She caught on quickly. By the end of two years, she was doing her boss’s job.

Recent Work

A variety of indoor office spaces are reimagined through the eyes of the Williams team.

Innovative spaces increase employee morale.

Creative use of space, lighting and material transforms an office lobby.

Meetings have more meaning in spaces that inspire collaboration.

Supplier Diversity

As a woman majority owned business, Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC takes great pride in affording veterans, women and minority owned companies the opportunity to service our business needs. To register as a diverse supplier, please click here and mail or fax to:

Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC
641 Lexington Avenue – 24th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Attention: Supplier Diversity Program
Phone: 1-212-593-9700
Fax: 1-212-754-0168

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